Our technology

Find the best use for each MW – each hour of the year.


With the proprietary Intergrid optimization system you harness the full potential of electricity and reserve markets with your electric heat production assets:


Dynamic strategies for value creation

In a constantly changing energy system with many different market participants a static strategy is never enough. That is why our our multi-market Dynamic Capacity Allocation (DCA) algorithm ensures that the flexibility is always allocated to the market where it is needed the most, receiving the best potential income for each MW for each hour of the year. Intergrid maximizes your returns by directly participating in the ancillary service markets and offers grid balancing.


Deep understanding of the underlying process

Our implementation and technology teams work constantly with you to understand the full potential and limitations of your unique situation - whether that’s consuming steam in your industrial process or hot water in a district heating network.


Intelligence through data

We employ powerful machine learning models to process millions of data points every day to predict where the electricity and ancillary markets such as FCR, aFRR and mFRR are moving in real time – helping your production always stay one step ahead.

Intergrid’s all-in-one optimization solution

Heat consumption patterns
Process and heat network profile, constraints and flexibilities
Power market data
Grid status and grid balancing market data
Weather data and other public data sources
Analytics and forecasting
Bidding strategy and execution
Direct access to markets
Remote control of hardware
Live reporting of results
Maximized returnsMaximized returns
Easy operationsEasy operations
Zero emissionsZero emissions


Our optimization works with all industrial scale electric heat production assets such as electric resistance and electrode boilers, heat pumps, thermal storages and heat batteries.
Thanks to our optimization, electrification can reduce your energy costs by 20-50%. This is because our Dynamic Capacity Allocation algorithm is able to automatically take advantage of power market opportunities while ensuring sufficient heat output at all times.
Modern electric boilers can be controlled fully remotely and they are able to adjust their power from 0-100% in only a matter of seconds. Most electric boilers can participate in even the faster frequency control reserves. With Intergrid’s all-in-one solution, we handle everything for you, from trading in the grid balancing markets such as FCR, aFRR and mFRR to remotely controlling the boiler.

Find out how much you could save with optimized electrification

Our free in-house simulation makes it easy for you to analyze the opportunity and choose the right equipment. On average, investing in electric heat production and a heat storage can reduce your energy costs by 20-50%.

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